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Ryan and Emma reportedly began a close friendship when Gosling needed a close friend after Esmeralda was born.The pressures of being a new dad reportedly took their toll on Ryan and Emma lent an ear to listen when Gosling needed to talk.If I can get you within an hour of your house, will you do it? Driving around Brooklyn today, Williams keeps seeing 'these little ghosts of me and Ryan doing these things. I’m the one left holding the memories because I’m the one who’s in that place.Everyone else is gone.’ It is the first thing I learn about Williams: she is never more than a beat from elegy. In January, her ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger had died of an accidental overdose of sleeping pills; Williams had spent much of the year sequestered in a house in upstate New York, grieving, with their daughter, Matilda Rose. Come and meet us in California.’ His call came at the end of a rough year for Williams.The couple went public with their relationship in April at an afterparty for the actor's romantic comedy "The Five-Year Engagement." Williams recently told In Style magazine: "He is nice...

But away from the obvious romantic titles, the movies are full of other standout dating moments that make us laugh and cry for a multitude of reasons.

(There’s only so many times you can request the same shift as a hookup before your boss gets suspicious.) Amplify this by about — um — 10 million, and you’ll get an idea of what celebrities go through when they get cozy with a co-star.

The pressure and tabloid exposure can be enormous, especially when you’re Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Aniston.

Allegedly Ryan and Eva avoid each other as much as possible.

Part of the reason for Eva and Ryan relentless bickering might be because Gosling has been getting cozy with “La La Land” co-star Emma Stone.