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These methods included third-party apps that could be used to retrieve the images, and the ability for someone to take a screen capture of the image before it magically disappeared.

(Indeed, it is not difficult to find Snapchat “selfies” and shared snaps all over the Internet.) Snapchat did add the ability to notify a sender if their image was captured in a screenshot.

(A good librarian would probably be able to track down the holding libraries without too much trouble anyway…) Our posts come from our travels, snooping in library catalogs, and from library staff all over the world. You are welcome to any of our images and text, but please link back to us or give us credit. Why We Weed Weeding is an essential component of library collection management.You have the ability to send a private message to another user and this message will only be visible to you and that user.Messages appear in a private conversation in order of which they are sent.He launched the account at last year's party conference.At the time, he said: “I’m starting conference with this new Twitter feed about my role as Conservative Leader.