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“Revenue has always been on the road map,” Tinder CEO, Sean Rad (27), said at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia last week.“We had to get our product and growth right first...Founded by Rad and fellow 27-year-old Californian, Justin Mateen, in 2012, Tinder uses Facebook photos and information to match you with someone in your area.After looking at six photos, users must choose whether to swipe right, for ‘yes’, and strike up a conversation, or swipe left, for ‘no’, and keep looking for love.The use of these websites is situated within a broader ethics of intimacy in which people living with HIV are told they are able to develop ‘normal’ sexual/romantic relationships, yet their right to do so is contingent on them pro-actively protecting others from infection.

TWO years after the birth of online dating app, Tinder, Cupid now strikes a staggering 15m times a day in cyberspace.

The 2015 survey suggests 95% of all students have had at least one sexual partner since starting university and that 60% of all students had a one night stand.

23% of students said they were having sex at least 3 times per week.

Another study, based on the pictures and rental information of all New York City property owners seeking to rent their property on Airbnb, revealed that Airbnb guests are willing to pay non-black hosts approximately 12% more than black hosts for comparable properties, Discrimination by customers is well documented when it comes to tipping.

A study of over 1000 taxicab trips in New Haven, Connecticut, found that customers tip black cab drivers approximately one-third less than white cab drivers, and that black drivers are 80% more likely to be stiffed.