Net dataset updating

The data providers are components that have been explicitly designed for data manipulation and fast access to data.The Data Set is created for data access independent of any data source.The control provides a customisable table for displaying data.

Get Update Command() | this answeredited Aug 15 '14 at Dan5,84151947answered Aug 15 '14 at IVAAAN12341118 Hi @IVAAAN123 an error occurred when I try this one. Select Command property needs to be initialized."– Peps Aug 15 '14 at oh, yeah.I am having the same problem with a project I built to handle my Db updates.In other worlds: Somewhere between I had the same issue: Filled a new Dataset with some new rows, but nothing happened on update.It can be used with multiple and differing data sources, with XML data, or used to manage data local to the a copy of the data and the relations among the data from the database tables.