Coast to coast am dating

I decided to sign up because you could post that you are only looking for friends.Figured this would be a great way to meet others who enjoy the paranormal.Their answer, "we don't monitor communication" even when a certain vile mail is copied and forwarded to them. The terms must be They steal your money and block you from ever discovering fake robot characters who cant personable respond with specifics to your questions such as may we meet this week in our neighbourhood we are living 19 minutes apart walking distance? The two men that I nearly met for a date, one cancelled at the last minute to help his sister with a crisis and never contacted me again. I think that the men on paranormal date are just seeking an ego boost. I would say 90% of the men that have messaged or emailed me on this site are not Americans.

The service is also available on free IOS and Android apps.Every man who has contacted me were either not American (each one of them claimed to be "widowed," or..tried to sell me me commercial item...invited me to his place thousand of miles from my home state when writing his first initial mail to me.Alerting the administrators of the site is useless. If you are already on the site and something smells foul, be sure to look at their use of English and spelling. Also, not being a prude but being a female from and older generation, I am shocked at the non appealing selection of unkempt males available. Wasting no time to request my cell number or email to send or request inappropriate pictures.Paranormal and Conspiracy are free to join and free to search.Use promo code "George" for a great discount on full feature, upgraded memberships.