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Right when I thought I wouldn’t ever really trust someone again, I met a new guy. I thought I was going to end up going through the exact same thing I had with Guy #1 because they had each struggled with pornography. Guy #2 was so incredibly open with me about his struggle to overcome his addiction.

Some choose Biblical names or names derived from the stories or chapters of the Book of Mormon, a religious text of the Latter Day Saints.But there’s a significant outlier to the national trend toward intermarriage.My own part-member family notwithstanding, Mormons are the least likely of any religious group to marry outside the fold, at just 12%.Being a Mormon, it can be a bit difficult to pick a name that not just honors the heritage, but also makes the child proud to bear it.But we, at Mom Junction, have handpicked 50 of the best Mormon names inspired by the prominent leaders in the Church history and canonized Mormon scriptures to get you started. Despite being around for more than half a century, Aaron is still an attractive and timeless choice for boys.